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4255 US Highway 9, Suite 5B, Freehold, NJ 07728

Located just north of the Freehold Mall and BMW dealer on Route 9, across the street from the Lexus and Toyota Dealers.

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A Letter from Dr. Kaga.

To all of the wonderful patients who I have had the honor of seeing at The Kroll Medical Group:

It has been an amazing past few years. You have welcomed me with open arms into a community that I am fortunate enough to call my home today. We have laughed and cried together. We have witnessed births and suffered great losses and we always did it together. Many of you have imparted your wisdom on me as a young working mother. You have made my children giggle endlessly on the rare occasion they were sick and I had to bring them to the office with me so I could see my own patients. You were patient. You were kind. You understood. And you were always supportive. For that I am forever grateful and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I am going to ask for your patience and understanding once more as I undergo a transition out of The Kroll Medical Group. I have chosen to leave the practice in order to open my own practice that is more aligned with my vision as an Internal and Aesthetic Medicine physician. I will be seeing patient's in a temporary location until my new office space is ready in Marlboro. The Kroll Medical Group will continue seeing and treating you, should you choose to remain a patient of that practice and I am confident that the level of care you experienced with me will not be compromised. If you need to reach my new office, please visit The Kaga Institute or call 732-719-2001 to find out more about our exciting new plans!

In love and good health,

Mira Kaga, MD


Mira Kaga, MD Board Certified Internal and Aesthetic Medicine-Redefining Modern Medicine serving Monmouth County!

Call us today: 732.719.2001