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Body Sculpting with truSculpt 3D


Where exercise and dieting won’t work, there’s truSculpt 3D body sculpting, the fast, comfortable, and non-invasive procedure that will help you decrease your circumference, diminish fat, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite. Each treatment zone is completed in just 15 minutes, and for maximum results, multiple areas can be targeted in just one session with no downtime afterwards. 

Radiofrequency energy delivers just the right amount of heat to destroy stubborn subcutaneous fat cells, which are then naturally flushed out of the body for a gradual and natural looking toning. The precise delivery of the therapeutic temperature means you stay comfortable, while we help you achieve the best results. The Kaga Institute offers both the large and small truSculpt 3D handpiece options, which allows us to more effectively target different areas of the body and address all your body sculpting concerns. 

Dr. Kaga’s dedication to providing her patients with only the best and safest treatments means you’ll love your results at The Kaga Institute. Fill out our convenient online request form here to start your transformation journey with us today.

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Mira Kaga, MD Board Certified Internal and Aesthetic Medicine-Redefining Modern Medicine serving Monmouth County!